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Melling Line closure

  • Originally planned closure in July 2024 has been pushed back due to an extension of the planning phase.
  • We now expect the closure to begin in late 2024, or 2025.   The date depends on how we sequence the construction works. We'll keep you updated.

Why the delay?

We have extended the Interim Project Alliance Agreement (IPAA) phase to allow for a more thorough review of the consented design. By taking a closer look, we can ensure the project is affordable and delivers the best value for everyone.

What’s going to happen?

Melling Station and its railway track sit where the new interchange and bridge will be located. We’ll close the Melling line for up to 18 months while we build the State Highway 2 (SH2) interchange and Te Awa Kairangi / Hutt River bridge.

Why close the line?

Keeping the line open during construction would be unsafe for both workers and passengers. Closing the line allows for faster and more cost-effective construction.  The line would need to close for up to 18 months, as opposed to being disrupted for more than 24 months.

What about getting around during closure?

We understand the closure will impact travel. We're exploring ways to maintain access to public transport.  This will include park and ride at nearby stations.

What about Melling Station?

The Melling Station building will be moved south to make way for the new interchange and bridge. The new station will have:

  • A new park and ride facility.
  • A bus interchange with safer access to SH2.
  • Safer walking and cycling paths to the CBD, western hills, and links to cycling routes.

What about Western Hutt Station?

Initially we thought that the entire line would need to be closed however we are looking into what needs to happen to allow us to keep Western Hutt Station open.

We'll continue to share updates as they become available. Thank you for your patience!