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Property removal on Pharazyn, Marsden, Mills and Rutherford Streets

Demolition of residential properties to ground level is largely completed on Mills, Pharazyn and Marsden Streets. Asbestos surveys and the disconnection of utilities (e.g. power / water) at commercial properties on these streets has been completed, with the planning for and removal of asbestos from the remaining properties now underway.

Soon, at two previous demolition locations on Mills Street and Pharazyn Street, temporary site compounds (may include a site office / welfare facilities / storage etc) will be established. These will be used by construction personnel to assist with upcoming stopbank works and further ground investigations, respectively.

In January, property removal on Rutherford Street commenced. The demolition of a warehouse next to the Melling Link Road is being undertaken in stages, with utility disconnections completed and interior fitout removal to follow. Throughout February, the demolition contractor will remove the roof, then warehouse walls and slab whilst taking care around adjacent properties and retaining walls. The property is being removed to create the space required for the new stopbank works which is anticipated to commence in the area soon after.

Reuse and recycle

We’re recycling as much material as possible. This includes relocating entire houses and engaging with Mana Whenua and community about re-purposing chattels and other items.

On Saturday 7th October 2023, we hosted a Salvage Day, where materials salvaged from demolished properties on Pharazyn and Marsden Streets were made available, for free, to the community. Over 200 items were taken – including 14 stoves, 70 doors, 80 skirting boards, and other appliances. Thank you so much for helping us reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

With a considerable number of buildings remaining, the programme are looking at the volume of material being salvaged currently to see if another community salvage day (including plants) can be held. Other recycling efforts include seeing all clean crushed concrete being stored by the demolition contractor off-site for future industrial use.


Safety is important

We have been surveying for asbestos and hazardous materials, and removing the materials we identify before any buildings are demolished. We’ll continue to follow WorkSafe guidelines while doing this.