What are the benefits of the revised concept interchange design for road users?

  • A grade separated interchange between through traffic on State Highway 2, and those travelling to/ from Te Awa Kairangi ki Tai – Lower Hutt and the Western Hills will enable more efficient travel during peak periods to help move people and freight along smoothly.
  • This design enables higher volumes of traffic to safely flow through the interchange.
  • Improved safety for all road users by:
    • Removing the existing conflicting right-hand turn movement from SH2 northbound, and the right-hand turn from the new Melling Link river bridge to SH2 northbound.
    • Reducing the risk of accidental right hand turns onto SH2 ramps, or straight through movements from Marsden Street onto the southbound SH2 off ramp, an improvement over the previous design.
Last updated: 6 Jun 2024
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