What’s happening at Ava Rail bridge?

A pumping station and floodgates were constructed to improve flood protection standards on Opoua Stream (Black Creek) and the constricted waterway at Ava Rail Bridge was improved. The current pier alignment of the railways bridge is unsatisfactory and the deck level is too low – these issues will only be resolved when the Ava Rail Bridge is replaced. 

Last updated: 14 Jun 2023
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Dealing with gravel build-up

There is build-up of gravel in the reaches around Ava Rail Bridge - this is a natural process in a tidal zone. Medium sized and larger flood events will scour and transport this material downstream to the river mouth. Te Awa Kairangi - Hutt River alignment and width, over its length, is designed to parameters that are derived from natural and historic river patterns. Where possible Greater Wellington will arrange gravel extraction in the reach.

Last updated: 15 Jun 2023
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