What level of flood protection will the project provide?

The project improves the level of flood protection between Ewen Bridge and Kennedy Good Bridge, to the 2,800 cumec flow design standard set out in the Hutt River Floodplain Management Plan (HRFMP 2001). The plan was formally and jointly adopted as a policy document by Hutt City Council, Upper Hutt City Council and Greater Wellington in 2001. The HRFMP sets the strategy and priority for improvement works. The present flood protection standard falls well short of the proposed design standard.

Last updated: 14 Jun 2023
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How we're implementing flood protection

The project includes widening and realigning the river channel, providing bank-edge protections that reduce the potential for berm erosion, increasing berm widths to minimise the potential for stopbank erosion and raising and rebuilding stopbanks. If this work is not completed, the current system would fail well before the design event prescribed in the HRFMP.

Last updated: 15 Jun 2023
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